Facial Injuries and Trauma in OKC

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Traumatic facial and dental injuries can happen to people of all ages, but they are particularly common in children. Approximately 25 percent of school age children experience facial or dental trauma, and 33 percent of all Americans have at least one trauma by the age of 19. At Oral & Maxillofacial Associates of Oklahoma, our board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat all types of facial injuries and trauma.

Types of Traumatic Facial and Dental Injuries

Traumatic facial and dental injuries occur due to some type of event that applies strong, sudden force to the face and mouth. Facial injuries typically involve damage to the skin and bones, while dental injuries include, but are not limited to:

  •         Fractured Tooth
  •         Jawbone Damage
  •         Knocked Out/Knocked Loose Tooth
  •         Soft Tissue Laceration
  •         Tooth Intrusion into Socket

Risk Factors for Facial and Dental Trauma

Most traumatic injuries are simply due to bad luck, such as being hit in the face by a flying object or being in a car accident. Yet there are specific risk factors that increase the likelihood of injury. These include:

Age: The very young and the very old are more likely to experience a fall, and they are more likely to take physical damage from any sort of traumatic event.

Lip or Tongue Piercings: Lip and tongue piercings make damage more likely when the teeth and oral structures sustain force. However, there are steps you can take to minimize the risks, so talk to your dentist about your piercings.

Malocclusion: If your teeth protrude, they have less protection from the surrounding oral structures. This makes them more likely to take damage under force.

Contact Sports: Participation in contact sports is the single biggest risk factor for facial and dental trauma across all age groups. Ask your dentist about a custom mouthguard, which is the best way to reduce, though not eliminate, this risk.

Immediate Care

If you or your child sustain facial or dental trauma, every minute counts, especially if a tooth was knocked out. Pick up the tooth by the chewing surfaces, avoiding the roots. Rinse the tooth under running water and submerge it in a glass of milk. Apply direct pressure to minimize bleeding and head directly to our office. Reattachment is most successful in the first 30 minutes, but it is worth trying to save the tooth even after an hour or more.

The same basic guidelines apply for other types of traumatic injuries. Check for life-threatening injuries including neck or spinal fractures. Stop the bleeding, clear the airway, and seek treatment immediately. Facial and dental trauma is scary, but most cases respond well to prompt treatment.

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